The key to a great conference is having an engaging and inspiring message to your delegates.

As your appointed professional conference organizer (PCO) or event organizer we can help you with all your event marketing through various social media channels, e-marketing and Eventbrite to encourage sponsorship and exhibition opportunities and also increase registration for your conference or event.

Here at Shoo, not only can we plan and produce your show but we can make sure that your event becomes digital. By running and social monitoring your social media walls live, at your conference or event. Social media is so valuable to your conference or event we can help you create a hashtag for your conference that is catchy and memorable and is easy to find potential conversations. Not only does it help you as the organizer of the conference but a great incentive for those just meeting over a coffee and fantastic relationships can be built with future prospects.

From an international overseas conference to more locally based events here in the UK from internal organisation or annual kick-off meeting or an invitation customer facing conference we can support you in conferences delivery and ensure you objectives are met and leave your delegates with a positive lasting impression.

By appointing us to help with your conference or event we are able to take responsibility for the logistics and day to day management of your conference. So, you can focus on developing the content for the actual conference.

We are able to help with venue finding, accommodation, we can help with communication and marketing planning, creating newsletters, email shots, social media, video, print and web copy, website development and keynote speakers. Our specialists partners can also help with event/conference productions and pulling together an exciting social programme to ensure your delegates are great ambassadors for your conference.

If it is sponsorship that you need then we can look at your target audience of potential delegates and look items that are available for sponsorship for example delegates bags, reception drinks, dinners, speakers and expenses.

Confidentiality is absolutely imperative to us and we understand that many there be a conflict of interest with potential sponsors/speakers and we ensure there is no conflict of interest or alternatively ensure that each party involved understands that could be interests from other commercial partners.