Leeds DigitalU Conference
Leeds DigitalU Conference

DigitalU – Northern Powerhouse

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The Northern Powerhouse has been a hopeful phrase thrown around for years, but what actually is it? Well, the Northern Powerhouse is a government initiative to help grow the North as a business powerhouse. The government are investing a whopping £3.4 billion to growth deals in the North, £13 billion on transport and £70 million to the northern powerhouse schools strategy, designed to harness and grow talent, skills and innovation in The North.

Northern Powerhouse, Leeds , Yorkshire
Source – Northern Powerhouse – https://northernpowerhouse.gov.uk/


The Vision

We are tackling the challenge of building the Northern Powerhouse from the ground up. It started with the idea to host a conference for Yorkshire based businesses, students and entrepreneurs alike to come together as part of a northern powerhouse collective. The event will host seminars talks and workshops from industry professionals with the opportunity to meet, network and grow both personally and professionally. We named this event DigitalU because it is an inspiring event about the future of businesses in the Digital age, with U in mind.

The Task

The task was getting together leading professionals from all over Yorkshire to share their skills and experiences of the digital business world. In doing so, we have brought together some of the most exciting and diverse business owners and professionals to discuss everything from cyber security, to digitally marketing your own business.

The Place

Leed’s premier events space Aspire will be the host for this exciting event, come along and help power the Northern Powerhouse!

Grow. Learn. Inspire.

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Want to know more about who’s speaking? Check out the link below for profiles on some of our DigitalU speakers!


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