Shoo Social Shortlisted for Ilkley Business Award

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Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris, the founders of Shoo Social Media, are thrilled to discover that they have been shortlisted for an Ilkley Business Award in the Micro Business Category. The pair founded Shoo in 2014, and are based in Rachel’s family-owned office in Ben Rhydding. Shoo have made numerous contributions to the community of Ilkley and the Bradford area, so despite it being no surprise to the community and those that know them well, the owners of this thriving micro-business were humbled by this recognition.

Shoo Social specialise in helping businesses in the events and hospitality industry with their social media strategy, as well as offering business owners management and training. From bespoke training sessions for individuals and small groups, to fully managed social media packages aimed at business owners who don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves, Shoo tailor their services to the needs of the individual business.

They say that two is company, (and three is a crowd) and this is especially relevant for Shoo! Shoo Social is a strong contender in the Micro-Business category, as Chris and Rachel’s entrepeneurial spirit has allowed them to exand their business without taking on any actual members of staff. With their own experiences as graduates fresh out of university in mind, it has become Shoo policy that the company helps graduates with aspirations to start careers in the Marketing industry. Shoo Social has helped numerous graduates from across the UK and Spain that come into the business with little or no experience of Marketing and leave with key real-life industry knowledge, as well as the added bonus of the crucial ‘work experience’ that so many businesses look for when hiring.

It is not only graduates that have benefitted from Shoo Social’s strong ethical business plan: BSR or Business Social Responsibility is an acronym that Chris has coined – a play on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). BSR is a large part of how Shoo do business. They have contributed to the Ilkley Tales Behind the Counter campaign that took place in early 2016, they’ve organised a Christmas campaign to get other Ilkley Businesses noticed on social media, and have a monthly ‘community window’ that offers the business premises of Shoo as free advertising space for local businesses. Shoo Social also organise a monthly networking event called Ilkley Social that many business owners have hosted or attended in the past year. Under Shoo, Rachel has founded the annual charity event Fashion Fiesta, which has been a huge success thanks to her industry knowledge of events-management, and raised over £1000 for Bradford-based charity One In A Million last November. Alongside all of this, Chris utilises his experience in teaching and regularly visits York College to deliver training courses, as well as delivering free masterclasses and training for small business owners in the local area.

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