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Looking for an easy way to strategise your social media marketing? Look no further!

If you’re like 98% of the world then you’ll be hoping and praying that 2017 will be YOUR year. The year that makes you. The year your small business grows into a monopoly. The year that Ilkley Town FC win the cup. THE YEAR. At best, we’re all just hoping that it surpasses the miserably prolonged length of time that those who dare to utter it’s name call “2016”.

So it’s January. By now you’ve probably already broken your ‘dry January’ and you’re looking glumly at the direct debit you’ve set up for the gym, yet you haven’t actually managed to go yet. If you’re the owner of a business you’ve probably drawn up your entire year of marketing strategies in order to make your sales boom – right? No? Does 2017 already look irritatingly similar to all the other years that you made well-intentioned resolutions and just didn’t quite bring them into fruition? Ok, don’t panic! Shoo are here to help.

We have designed a planner that is so simple to use that it will make your ‘strategy’, ‘content management’, and ‘business growth marketing’ seem, dare I say it, FUN! Our planner runs the days of the week along the top and has a box for each social media platform for each day. It couldn’t be simpler, but if that sounds a little too simplistic for you then we’ve added a notes section to the right of the schedule for ease of use. The same layout can be used every week, just fill in the week at the top!

This planner is such an easy and effective way to organise your week and enables you to spread your content equally and effectively across multiple platforms, which in turn means you’ll widen your reach and market yourself effectively to more potential customers! For example, you might own a cafe and have a deal on a Tuesday morning for free cake with a Yorkshire Tea (if you do, let us know, that sounds like a deal we would be all over!). This would be a perfect opportunity to pop a note in your Monday boxes reminding yourself to promote that deal beforehand so people are aware and can flood into your cafe in droves to break their own resolution not to eat cake during the week.Shoo social media planner

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Written by Rose Iliff

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