Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy

Have you checked out our social media planner?

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Well you should, because planning your social media activity is important to keep consistent and focused social media posts. There is quite literally nothing more dire than those big companies who pump out unfocused, non-specific content that doesn’t engage readers. If your company has several sites across the country- you can just post the same social media content for each site. Your social media should be unique engaging and specific. Post content your readers want to engage with, the thing you know they’re interested in.

You can’t just post one thing a week on your Facebook page, and suddenly think you’re Mark Zuckerberg, king of Facebook. Your content needs to be regular and fresh and engage your viewers. Therefore, it is important to plan your social media activity in order to keep on top of posting regularly but not repetitively.

Social media planner
Social media planning and strategy

First, write down all the social media channels you use, then work out what kind of content is more relevant for each one. For example, Facebook posts can be a little longer whereas twitter you’re limited to a small amount of characters, on linked in, your content needs to have a specific angle, that engages with your professional community effectively. Once you have done this, create a daily schedule for each one, what you will post when and where. If you’re working with a small team, and don’t have the manpower for someone to post everyday, there are plenty of tools that can help you post regularly without always being on your phone. Sites like Buffer and others listed in this list ( help you create engaging content all in one go, and queue them for each day of the week.

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