Business growth using social media
Business growth using social media

My top five reasons why you should be using social media to drive your business growth.

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I was asked this question today at a networking meeting in Leeds; why should I bother with social media?

Well, this got me thinking and of course, there are many reasons to use social media for business. I will go ahead and give you my first five that came to mind.

Social media brand awareness for business owners in leeds and bradford using social media marketing to network and build connections

  1. You have to be seen, to be seen.

Are you still in business? Are you a real business? How does your customer or client base/target audience know what you do? Just like real life networking you put yourself out there to let people know you exist as a business and attract them to doing business with you.

This leads me nicely on to point two;

Building know like and trust as the business owner with customers in yorkshire

   2. Building trust with customers or clients and building up your brand personality. 

Remember the old adage, people buy from people they like? Well, social media allows you to create a strong connection with your customers, suppliers, connectors and advocates of your brand. Your brand culture will attract people to your business – much like Apple and Betty’s attract a certain loyal following, their social media reflects accurately their culture and yours should do the same.

Using social media and brand awareness to drive traffic to your website

   3. Increase traffic or online ‘footfall’ to your shiny new website.

This is a personal favourite for me. People will spend thousands and thousands developing a good looking and functional website but unless people see and go on to use it, then why bother? To take this one step further, your social media activity acts as a signpost or billboard, directing people to your online shop front, where they can look around and discover your products and services.

Dominate your sector as the business owner by using social media marketing to really stand out from all other businesses in Yorkshire

   4. Dominate your competition.

If your competitors are not keeping up with this massive social change to the way buyers research online before making a purchase, I would suggest you are missing a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition… and stay ahead.

Free social media channels and platforms allow you to generate leads, sales and brand awareness

   5. Free*

Well, and this is why I put the asterisk is that your time isn’t free, or things like paying for adverts costing money to bolster your social channel efforts. What I mean here, is that most social media channels or platforms are free to use and used correctly will greatly help you achieve your business goals at relatively lower cost than many other forms of marketing activity.

  ***Brucey Bonus*** As I am feeling generous and the ideas flowing at 18:49 on a Tuesday evening.

social media marketing combined with content marketing and influencer marketing are perfect to focus, find and attract the ideal target market

   6. Reaching Target Market

You can be very, very focused on who you are trying to attract and connect with online. Content marketing and influencer marketing are fantastic strategies as part of a wider digital marketing and social media strategy to really reach, attract and nurture key relationships to grow your business.

I would really love to hear your thoughts and add to the list above. I am happy to take your call to discuss any of the points in further detail, call me directly on 07904 896242. Let me know also, what are the reasons not to use social media?

Have a great week.


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