My name is Carl Marsden and I am the Managing Director of Chip Parade. I started the company in 2014 after finding a hole in the web design and development market that really needed plugging.

I found that there were very few Web Developers out there catering for new start up businesses and sole traders. Most Developers were too expensive for a new businesses to consider and the ones that were cheep enough tended to outsource the work abroad. That meant you never got to meet the development team leading to issues in communicating to them exactly what you want the website to do or look like. The result being that many new businesses ended up delaying their online presence or getting a website that didn’t fit the bill and therefore lost out to competitors with a higher budget.

And that’s where Chip Parade comes in. We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and offer a wide range of products and services tailored to help kick start your business. What ever you need, just get in touch and we’ll take care of you and your business.