The key to a great conference is having an engaging and inspiring message for your delegates.

As your appointed professional conference organiser (PCO) or event organiser, we can help you with all of your event marketing. We harness the power of various social media channels, e-marketing and Eventbrite to encourage sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, as well as increase registration for your conference or event.

Here at Shoo, not only can we plan and produce your event; we can also ensure that it becomes a digital success as well through live social monitoring and social media wall updates for the duration of your conference or event. To maximise the benefits of social media, we can also help you create a hashtag for your conference that is both catchy and memorable – making it easy to find potential conversations. This can be a great way of identifying promising prospects that may be unable to attend your event, allowing you to engage with them later.

We will support you with the delivery of your entire conference and ensure that your objectives are met and your delegates leave with a positive lasting impression, whether your event is an international conference overseas or here in the UK. Shoo’s team of event specialists will take responsibility for the logistics and day-to-day management of your conference – from planning to post-event communications – so you can focus on creating your content.

Do you need assistance with finding a great venue for your event? We can help you secure an amazing venue and will even assist with organising accommodation for speakers and delegates. If you want total peace of mind, why not consider our turnkey event management service? We can manage your planning, communications, content and keynote speakers – aligning everything with your organisation’s broader marketing objectives. Our portfolio of services includes video, photography, print and web copy, website development and conference production.

If you require assistance with securing sponsorship, we can look at your target audience of potential delegates and identify suitable sponsors able to offer gift items, reception catering and speakers, as well as potential sponsors to cover event expenses.

We place ethical practices and client confidentiality at the heart of every event we organise. Therefore, we do all we can to minimise or eliminate any conflicts of interest potential sponsors/speakers, delegates and commercial partners.

Contact Shoo today and discover how we can transform your event ideas into reality.

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