Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s has had massive worldwide growth and is beyond a social networking platform and is being widely used in the business world for marketing campaigns and have all become part of strategic marketing campaigns including; Facebook pages for business, Facebook Advertising, Facebook Places and Messenger. 

With Facebook being the most popular social media platform on the planet, it is clear to see why businesses are using highly targeted Facebook advertising as a means to reach their desired target audience. 

Facebook paid advertising is becoming an important part of social media advertising and is much more cost effective than Google ad campaigns particularly in a digital age when traditional advertising is evolving.

Why should I think about Facebook ads?

  • A business can reach people in their social environment during their social activities.
  • A user sees that a friend likes a page = social recommendation.
  • Highly targetted… location, gender, age, education the list is endless remember Facebook knows you and your interests.
  • Facebook ads are personalised and are microtargeted for example specific interests, life events, activities, family status, habits.
  • You can also create highly personalised messages to your Facebook audience.

There are 11 types of adverts that you can create on Facebook from boost posts, increase conversions on your website to collecting sales leads for your business.

Before you invest in any social media advertising it is essential that we understand your business and marketing goals we always ensure that we have a free strategy call with you to understand your business and our team can work together on your social media marketing.

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