Ilkley Business Awards

Work Hard Play Hard Pays Off!


When we found out in January 2017 that we had been shortlisted for the micro-business award at the Ilkley Business Awards we were absolutely thrilled that we were being given some recognition for all the hard work and long hours we have put in to our livelihood- our business.

So, two weeks ago we got out the glad rags and got ready for an evening of fun! We started the evening off a little early in the Shoo Office having a few celebratory drinks with the whole Shoo team and some of our closest business-friends that we had invited to come with us to share our success and to thank them for supporting us along the way.

After making our way through a sea of tuxedos and complimentary Champagne we were able to take in just how beautiful the King’s Hall Winter Garden looked! We have been there many times before but last Saturday it had been transformed: decked out with twinkling fairy lights draped over every bannister, the disco ball shattered specs of light over everything, and a purple glow filled the room. I noted how purple is the colour of prestige, power and ambition, an apt choice for a business award ceremony.

When we were seated we found ourselves seated with Stray FM, and MCs for the night. We watched an excellent montage of all the hotspots in Ilkley and each business who was up for an awards name was shown at the end, at which point you could feel the prickle of competitiveness from all the Ilkley business owners around the room. Things had just begun to get exciting! The mayor of Bradford gave a charming speech, and after a spot of socialising and networking, we were provided with a delicious three course dinner. By this point in the night we felt like winners no matter what.

It was just as we had finished dessert that our hosts for the evening got up on stage so that the winners for each category could be announced. The Micro-Business category was third up. The hosts began by saying that this category had received the most nominations, so to be shortlisted is an achievement in itself.

If you’ve been following us on social media at all in the past few weeks then you will know: we won! It was such a brilliant feeling, we went up on stage and received flowers and shook hands with our hosts and the sponsor of our award, Richard Hayden, Director of Rejuvenate Productions Ltd and President of Business Network BNI Ilkley. After posing for a photograph with our (much heavier than expected!) award, we got back to the table and celebrated with our table. We were so grateful and so proud of ourselves for winning the award; as a micro-business who have built our business from nothing at all to an award winning business, noted especially for our community work and entrepreneurship, we could not be more honoured.

Needless to say, the champagne flowed, and we danced the rest of the night away to the sweet music of the live brass band that closed the evening.

Two weeks on and we are still beaming with pride about receiving this award. We have worked so hard over the past few years, so we see this award as a real milestone achievement in our journey. We would like to thank everyone who has worked with us along the way, and partied with us too at our monthly Ilkley Socials. Something that we have taken away from this award and from the evening is an even bigger sense of pride for our town, and for the people and businesses that make it such a wonderful place to live and grow in.

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