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We support businesses looking to educate and empower employees so they can maximise their personal brand to further promote the business brand. We can’t help you control what employees and customers say by through social media monitoring we can take proactive steps should an issue arise. It is increasingly important to empower your teams with social after all how you going to communicate with the different generations and the next managers/entrepreneurs/company directors.

As human resources managers you have don’t only have to look after recruitment but make sure company guidelines are adhered to. You have to ensure it protects the employee and the employer. You need to protect your company reputation and lower your risk of legal issues by looking at the potential risks then you can reduce account hacks or the wrong message/tone of voice.

Raising standards

Having a social media policy in place sets high standards for employees to use and therefore help you as a company to empower your teams to use social media communication effectively and make sure of your brand maintains an excellent tone of voice; after all, who are your best brand ambassadors? It is important to create consistency across all your social media channels. By having a policy in place it helps you maintain brand consistency and ensures that the tone of voice matches your company values. It is important to encourage employees to engage with the public and get them to use social media platforms that reflect your brand. Images need to be consistent with the brand and make sure they are not offensive or too pixelated!

Keeping it legal

At Shoo, we work with a professional employment lawyer that will pull together a legally drawn up social media policy bespoke to your organisation. This provides clarity of rules and regulations and how employees should use their own personal social media with your company brand. Setting clear expectations about how they should behave on each social media platform and making sure that you have the correct tone of voice. If you are a large organisation with various brand guidelines, a social media policy is a must, ensuring that the behaviour and engagement reflect each various social media platform in a way that is brand positive and consistent.

Keeping it going

Social media policies can only be successful if someone is taking ownership of implementing it. So, if this is your human resources manager or a talent acquisition manager handling recruitment into your organisation then this all needs to be addressed. We can certainly help and work alongside you by delivering training and educational workshops to understand the importance of making sure social media isn’t abused. We will ensure that you’re not going to run into any legal issues and also it is important to look at safety and security guidelines.

Keeping secure

We have a team of experts that also help with various issues around cyber security, which is increasingly becoming more important as we live in a digital world. We can certainly run educational and training workshop for your teams to keep employees and business owners safe. Discussing and preventing attacks such as malware, phishing scams, account hacking, and human error can be avoided.

So if you are managing policies within your organisation and thinking that digital world is becoming more uncertain then get in touch before it is too late



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