Princes Trust

Prince’s trust

“Shoo Social Media have shown great innovation.”

“Great ambition and growth in their customer base.”

“They give lots of support for community and charity causes.”

Ilkley Business Awards 2017 (Winners) Feedback

Committee, Ilkley Business Forum.

We also volunteer our time with the Prince’s trust. We pride ourselves on helping young people with big ideas that are looking to start up a company.

We are very passionate about helping and giving back to the local community here at Shoo. We have worked with various community organisations to help them either get started in their business by offering them offer space in our shop window yes, that’s correct we have a shop window here in Ben Rhydding, Ilkley.

We are on the high street quite unusual for a social media agency! As our work involves us being online instead branding it all up in Shoo imagery we have given this space back to our local community. How amazing is that and it is all free for them to visually merchandise their products from local artists, photographers, to local pre-school groups in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding this is a great opportunity for everyone with commuters travelling to Leeds and Bradford on the train we have great footfall passed our window or should I say our window of opportunity. If you’re interested in taking the window please get in touch with team Shoo and we would like it for you to have an opportunity in our window.

We have worked on various projects around the town of Ilkley such as volunteering for the Ilkley Business Forum, helping Ilkley Arts with their social media marketing and running various projects to support shop local campaigns in the town.

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