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I thought it was about time I wrote something about us! It just never seems to happen but here we go! Are you a business owner? Busy working in and on your business and you know that social media is important but a voice inside your head keeps saying I will do this later or I don’t have the time?

We at Shoo Social Media are here to help busy business owners that don’t have the time to manage all their social media platforms. Many of our clients that are business owners just don’t have the time to manage all their social media platforms and to decide which platforms to use. As an entrepreneur many of us have limited time and we understand this. As with any business it is important aspect for you to focus on working on your business and focusing on what you are good at while maintaining your niche and focus in your market sector.

There are a plethora of platforms out there in the world of social media all with different audiences, so how do you know which ones you should be focusing your attention on? Well when we set social media strategy it is part of fact finding mission to find out what your objectives are with social media. The most popular platforms out there are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus which is the best for you? Not even to mention the picture focused social media such Pinterest, Instagram but now video is taking its toll including: Vine, Periscope, You Tube which as we become more mobile broadband speeds get faster more people migrate to 4G there is a lot of choice however moving forward as certain generations realise their parents are looking at their every move new platforms have been developed – so even more brands have appeared such as Ello and Snapchat. These platforms have been developed to move some people off certain social media brands that have too much noise on them with meaningless content not relevant to that audience.

Your own research in to your target market will help you determine this, social media is just another string to your bow in terms of your sales and marketing strategy but most people now will buy from a referral on social media so having a presence of your own personal brand and business brand is becoming increasingly more important as there is so much noise out there and you must engage with your customers – it isn’t just about push messages now but looking for prospective clients and keeping in touch with existing after all your existing ones are the advocates of your brand. Remember social media actively puts you out there representing one your personal brand, remember people buy from people and then your business brand and this is where your customers talk about you – what is the first thing you do when you have met somebody? Don’t we just ‘Google’ them? If you’re not on social media how do you know what they’re saying? It is here to stay and you must embrace it!

So who is Shoo Social Media: Well Shoo Social Media was set up in the summer of 2014, after returning back to the Yorkshire after travelling around the UK and living overseas in Sydney the name was developed from Rachel’s obsession with ‘Christian Louboutin’ brand of shoes and their red sole. Rachel has spent most of her life in the corporate world as an Events Manager in 5 star venues around the UK and Australia – working in events communication is key between your suppliers and clients.

The other ‘pair’ Chris is now retiring from the teaching profession – would you believe a trained primary school teacher working in social media! Working hard along the way understanding the importance of education to open doors, Chris loves a challenge set him a goal and he just wants to achieve this. Having a build a safe career/ income was always an important goal but a life long ambition of setting up a company has enticed him out his teaching career, in to the business world!

If you want to learn how social media fits in to your business then please contact Chris or Rachel at

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