Strategy + Consultation

Strategy and Consultation

Shoo Social Media agency works with you to tailor the perfect strategy for your business, placing your broader marketing and business objectives at the heart of everything we do. Benefit from personal service, on-location support and total peace of mind with our social media consultancy.

What do you want your social media to achieve in your business? How will you measure success? How much time are you spending per month on social media?

Social Media Strategy

We can help you understand the difference between social media platforms and how to utilise them for your business.

Develop the right strategy for your business that links to overall business goals, which are measurable and achievable.

Help you understand and identify who your target audience is and how to reach them effectively, at the right time.

Investigate and really get to grips with the relevant social media platforms and develop ways to make them work for your business.

Learn how to manage time and content efficiently through the use of cutting-edge tools, plans, tricks and top tips


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